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  • Introducing Black Wattle Yarn and Fibre | 100% Australian Alpaca

    The yarns contain beautiful splashes of various colours; pastels and vibrant or a mix of both. You simply cannot get the same feel and effect by purchasing cheaper yarns

  • Spotlight on | Kollage SQUARE - What you need to know

    Why are these Needles Different?
    Well as the name says, they are square. Unlike their round counterparts, they have a smooth, flat surface for you to hold on to, and if you’re like me, it’s for hours!! This means you are putting less stress on your hands, fingers and wrists. Meaning, fewer aches, pains and cramps.
  • Introducing White Gum Wool | Real Australian Yarn

    "Satisfaction is what you will feel when you receive your order of White Gum Wool. Not only are you receiving a premium, luxury feel yarn, you are making a choice to support the land, the animals and the people who work hard to make the wool."

  • Spotlight on | Premium Australian Made Yarn and Wool

    You know you are getting the good stuff. All the yarn on Sun Burnt Crafts has been sourced locally from Australia. From the raw fleece to the finished product, you know what you are getting, whether it's Alpaca, Mohair or Merino, these fluffy beasts are living in this beautiful country.