Introducing White Gum Wool | Real Australian Yarn

Who am I buying from?? Do you want to support your Aussie mates while purchasing a quality, premium product. Well, at Sun Burnt Crafts we feel the same.
After lots of research, White Gum Wool stuck out as a supplier we wanted to partner with. I have used their yarn personally and I love it, it is so smooth and easy to knit with, comes in beautiful colours and makes the most wonderful gifts. I have used cheaper alternatives as they look lovely on the shelf, but am always a little disappointed with how itchy the yarn is.
White Gum Wool Merino yarn is up there as one of the best, and here's a bit about their story.  The merino sheep arrived in Tasmania in the early 1800’s, so they are used to the Tassie weather. Their wool is superfine, thinner than human hair. This makes the finest quality yarn without that itchy feeling. Real wool is the best!
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White Gum Wool comes from an Australian farm, located in Tasmania. You can rest assured that the flock of 500-1000 Merino sheep are well loved and cared for. Their Ethics of excellence in nutrition, conservation of the land and thoughtful animal welfare really attracted me to the yarn to start with, the more I learn about WGW the more I love it. 
It is Ethical. No synthetic chemicals are used. Nor herbicides or fertilisers. Those are some healthy merinos! The farm is bio diverse, the lambs stay with the mumma-sheep so they can learn how to live off the farm without destroying the land. Great job to Nan and her team for using her expertise to make the most awesome wool. 

This leads to knowing exactly where you are getting your yarn from. White Gum Wool is sustainable and traceable. Once it is shorn from the sheep it is sent to our cousins over in NZ to be washed and then blended. After this process is complete the wool is dyed into the beautiful colours that you can see on the website. Its sent back to the farm for dispatch to Sun Burnt Crafts, then in turn to you. This makes the wool completely traceable. It is with complete certainty that the yarn you purchase is from the White Gum Wool flock, and that you are supporting a local aussie farm and the team that work there. 
The sheep on the farm are part of the family, there may be more than 500 of them, but they are all individuals, many have names. Alice is the “Queen of Merinos”, she’s the sheep you see on the wool label. I always think about her when I see the wool :) There are also 7 dogs that work on the 330 Hectares, along with some humans too. 
Keeping the sheep happy is a top priority for the team at White Gum Wool, and I would like to add that their sheep are never mulesed and are undocked. The sheep are never sold and live out their whole lives on the farm, showing the tails with pride. 
To Finish, I can tell you satisfaction is what you will feel when you receive your order of White Gum Wool. Not only are you receiving a premium, luxury feel yarn, you are making a choice to support the land, the animals and the people who work hard to make the wool.

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