Introducing Black Wattle Yarn and Fibre | 100% Australian Alpaca

Let just start with this: The yarn is beautiful, soft, warm, smooth and silky, you can feel that this is high-quality yarn as soon as you touch it and it is a dream to knit with. The 4-Ply Wattle base that we have in stock is 100% Australian Alpaca. 



This luxury yarn come in 100g Skeins, approximately 350m. The fibre in the yarn is 100% traceable to the farm where it was grown. Please check out our range of Australian yarns, that are in stock and ready for despatch. 

The Black Wattle alpacas live on a beautiful farm in NSW, about 25 minutes away from Canberra, with a herd of approximately 70. The fibre from these alpacas, along with additional fibre from a “mega alpaca farm” in NSW is used to make the beautiful yarn you will receive.


The Australian fibre is sent to New Zealand for processing, this reduces the negative impact to the environment, by minimizing long-distance shipping. When the fibre arrives back at Black Wattle Farm its taken to the farm shed where it is hand-dyed by Angela and her fantastic team. This means that each skein is individual, no two are exactly the same. 

The yarns contain beautiful splashes of various colours, pastels and vibrant or a mix of both. You simply cannot get the same feel and effect by purchasing cheaper yarns. When the yarn is made into an item, it looks exquisite.


Did you know that Alpaca yarn or wool is recognised as one of the most luxurious fibres in the world!! It is extremely soft even when compared to merino, giving alpaca a very creamy, comfy, silky feeling, some might say squishy. Alpaca fibre is light, warm and very durable, and is considered hypoallergenic as there is no lanolin in the fibre. It is strong and long wearing, yet feels soooo soft and keeps you so warm in winter (yes…. don't forget it gets cold here in Melbourne).


When you choose to purchase Black Wattle Yarn you are choosing a luxury fibre to work with, that doesn't have a prickly feel when you wear it. So, with all of these advantages I know what your thinking, how much is it going to cost me?? Check here for most up to date prices


Angela and her team, at Black Wattle Yarn and fibres,  are passionate about protecting the environment and making sure their fluffy faced alpacas receive the best care possible, after all, they can live up to 20 years. I love this about the yarn, you, as a customer and me as a stockist, can be fully confident that there is no cruelty to the animals and that the black wattle alpacas are living their best life! (Alpacas don't really have an opinion on lockdowns).

Alpacas have feet similar to our native cool dude marsupial, the kangaroo. Their feet are padded, minimising damage to the soil they live on. Alpacas also nibble grass rather than pull out the entire plant. Great for Mother Nature!

“We care about the environment at Blackwattle Yarn and Fibre. We believe that by looking after our environment we are looking after our livestock, who in turn produce the best quality fibre that goes into our yarn.” Angela at Black Wattle Yarn and Fibres


Another benefit to Black Wattle Yarns is when you purchase this wool you are in turn supporting charities that are championed by Angela and her team. Cheeky Neurons and Joey Pouch making, check them out

In conclusion, Yes! this yarn is worth the money, Yes! you know where your yarn has been grown and processed, Yes! you are supporting Australians. YES you should add to your yarn stash, you can never have enough yarn!! 

Also, some alpaca facts I had to include. Alpacas are so awesome!!
(they don't make good pets though, so don't rush and get one to keep in your garden)
Alpacas come in 22 natural colours!! Black, brown-blacks, browns, fawn, white, silver-greys, rose-greys. (now my credit card is getting worried)
Alpacas grow to about 1m in height and weigh 70kgs
Baby alpacas are called Crias - Cute
Female alpacas are Hembras and Machos are males


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