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Kollage Square Needles and Hooks are ergonomically designed, meaning they are square in shape, giving you a flat surface to rest your fingers on. This gives you less contact stress on your hands, your most important asset when knitting or crocheting. The shape of the Kollage SQUARE needles and hooks is ideal for any crafter and has been proven to have comfort benefits for people with Arthritis or Carpal Tunnel.

Why are these Needles Different?

Well as the name says, they are square. Unlike their round counterparts, they have a smooth, flat surface for you to hold on to, and if you’re like me, it’s for hours!! This means you are putting less stress on your hands, fingers and wrists. Meaning, fewer aches, pains and cramps.

The needles themselves are made from Premium quality Aluminum and are grey in colour. They are light and smooth to knit with, I use the circular set with the firm cable and love them! The cable has been designed to swivel when you are knitting, preventing tangles, twists and kinks! I wish I had these when I was learning to knit, they would have been so helpful. They are etched in the sides with the size, so they are easy to identify, and the DPNS have makers along the sides which really help me for my smaller knitting in the round projects, mainly socks. 

I have found that the tension on these needles is excellent, and the stitches are so uniform, I really knitting with them and have found they have enabled me to knit faster. 


Needles with a Story

The first thing that attracted me to these needles is the back story. Kollage SQUARE is owned by Career Services. This organisation have strived to support members of their community with disabilities by creating meaningful employment. This enables their team members to earn a living, be part of a working team and importantly help them contribute and keep their dignity. As a person with a disabled family member, I know first hand how hard it is for disabled people, young or old, to find work. Every time you purchase a Kollage SQUARE product, profits go back into support the careers and training for their Team. We take our health for granted, so I am very proud and excited to be a stockist of Kollage SQUARE and so happy to be working with their Team.

Kollage SQUARE Crochet Hooks

They are still ergonomic with a lightweight, square shaped, walnut handle that includes a shallow thumb rest. There are two types of crochet hooks available, Pointed and Rounded tip. The pointed tip is fantastic for allowing the hook to easily slip into tight/difficult stitches, the rounded tip is ideal for splitty yarns. 


Lifetime Warranty

YES! This does mean a lifetime warranty.



How do I know I will like them ?

The reviews are in, and I agree, the needles are a fantastic!! The sets contain all the sizes you need for your projects and they are so nice to have in your hands. I find they are the best needles for me, and are great value for what you get. Click the link for more reviews.

Stock is available in our online shop for quick delivery. They are a perfect treat for any crafter



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