Spotlight on | Premium Australian Made Yarn and Wool

Spotlight on: Premium Australian Made Yarn and Wool

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What are the benefits of Premium Australian Made Yarn??

Hi fellow crafters, knitters and crocheters!! If you have found yourself here you are probably asking yourself the same questions I was when I started out knitting. Why should I pay the extra?  What's the benefit of buying yarn online instead of jumping in the car and getting yarn from Spotlight or Lincraft? These guys have their benefits, but I'm going to talk about why I love finding and using the more bespoke, premium yarns:

  • You know you are getting the good stuff. All the yarn on Sun Burnt Crafts has been sourced locally from Australia. From the raw fleece to the finished product, you know what you are getting, whether it's Alpaca, Mohair or Merino, these fluffy beasts are living in this beautiful country. And sometimes you even know what animal has given us their fleece to make the beautiful squishy yarn. If you just want to spoil yourself and feel like you are getting the best. This is guaranteed from Sun burnt crafts.


  • It is easier to work with. I've tried all sorts of yarns, when I started out I used the leftovers from my inherited mother in laws yarn-stash. I had no idea where the yarns and wool was from. I googled, and found so many I couldn't choose, Acrylic, Cotton, DK, Fingering yarn, what did it all mean? I brought some kits, some cheap acrylic yarns, completed some projects and as I got better moved onto more lavish skeins online. As soon as the good stuff arrived I was literally hooked! Not only does the yarn feel amazing to knit with, so easy on the needle, but the finished product has this luxurious elegance to it that you don't get with the budget counterparts. My advice is even as a beginner get the good stuff!! It's 100% worth it.


  • You know where your yarn has come from. You can be guaranteed that the yarn has been ethically sourced, and all the animals are well loved. Many of us want to do our bit to make sure our beautiful planet is being looked after, we want to reduce our carbon footprint and have good products. Some of the yarn has travelled across the Tasman to be processed, but then its back to Oz for the final process. 


  • You are doing your bit to support local business: You want to support fellow Australians, you want to help farmers, you want to do as much as you can, but you still have bills to pay and mouths to feed. This is a fantastic way to be part of helping others. The goods you purchase from Sun Burnt Crafts will support various Australian owned businesses, not just the product, but the packaging and keeping Aussies in jobs. We are a community of crafters and it feels good to be able to support Aussies even if it's just in a small way.


  • Fast, Easy, Contact-free delivery: Are you eager to start your next project, or finish a work in progress! There's nothing worse than having to wait to get started. We promise your products are dispatched the next business day to get to you as soon as possible. We are based in Melbourne, and offer free shipping to Australian addresses for all orders over $50

We are ready to hear from you. Contact us if you want any information. At Sun Burnt Crafts we want to make a community of crafters, sharing tips and showing off your projects you're are proud off, doesn't matter what level you are at. We are all here for each other.

Katie - Sun Burnt Crafts

Mum & Knitter

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