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Kollage SQUARE | Set of Crochet Hooks | Set of 6

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Set of 6 crochet hooks with soft cloth pouch with zippered pockets. This beautifully crafted set contains sizes 2.0mm (A) 2.25mm (B), 3.5mm (E), 4.5mm (7), 5.0mm (H), 5.5mm (I). 

These Hooks are made from lightweight aluminium, with a walnut SQUARE handle with a thumb imprint to suit your hands. The SQUARE handle is designed to decrease stress and strain on your hands, an excellent choice for sufferers of arthritis and carpal tunnel. Kollage SQUARE hooks help also help you work faster because of their ergonomic design. The Hook size is etched into the handle for easy identification. Ideal for beginners or experienced crocheters

These hooks have a story and are handcrafted by Kollage Square in Canada. Every hook purchased goes towards training adults with disabilities to keep employment. And an added bonus, they have a lifetime guarantee.